SB Mist Spray Bottle

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  • $20.00

Style and refresh your hair with Our Signature Mist Spray Bottle

Recommended for water only. Oils and other ingredients may cause blockage.

SB Logo- Shanique Buntyn (cofounder)

Provides a continuous spray pattern.

Ways to use:

1. Re-wet hair in the morning to restyle and freshen up curls.

2. Help refresh children’s hair in the mornings.

3. To refresh a wash and go. Just spritz, fluff and shake.

4. To refresh a braid out for twistout. Spritz, moisturize, seal and twist or braid.

Our Mist Spray Bottle is multi-purpose.

It can be used on your pets, plants and to clean.

  • Propellant-free, airless sprayer.
  • Reusable and refillable.
  • Sprays fine mist
  • Use the Mist Sprayer upright or upside down.
This airless, propellant-free sprayer, sprays a fine mist and provides a continuous spray pattern. Easy to use, reusable and refillable. Available in 2 different colours at the moment .
*Bottles are tested with plain water, before shipping to ensure they are working correctly(some bottles may have some water/water marks from quality inspection)*