African Exfoliating Bath Net

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An exfoliating bath net that effectively and efficiently exfoliates away dead skin cells leaving skin feeling soft and clean.

This bath net is still being used in most parts of Africa today. It’s known as Sapor in most places in Africa 

The Exfoliating Net, also known as the African Wash Net, has been used throughout West Africa for centuries to gently exfoliate the body, while preventing back acne, resulting in soft and glowing skin.

The Exfoliating net:

-Dries quickly

-Minimizes bacterial growth

-Common to traditional loofahs


100% nylon mesh net

Slight imperfections are natural and do not affect the quality of the net.
Each nets is hand cut, dimensions may vary slightly:
Blue net 30cm x 70cm and Stretches up to 50 inches(100cm)

Black net measures 30cm(stretches to 50cm)x70cm long

Perfect for cleaning the back, neck, shoulders, feet, and hard to reach areas.

Soak for 5 minutes before using, to eliminate harshness. Color may run, but will not fade

How to use:

Wet and apply one of our body bars. Lather. Massage over body. Rinse and air dry. Use daily or as needed.

Change net every 18 months.

Not recommended for sensitive skin.  It should not be used on areas with cuts and abrasions.

Bow not included